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Alerte Amber

Alerte Amber

Not Rated
Jonathan and Valerie are at the heart of the worst nightmare that a family can live: the disappearance of their son Eliot, a young autistic 12 years. From then on, nothing else counts outside research to find it safe and sound. An Amber Alert is triggered. Around the affected family gather neighbors, friends, volunteers ... Around the house are deployed relief units, police officers, stakeholders. The Missing Persons Squad asks questions and searches the past and the intimacy of the Charbonneau family revealing little by little the circumstances that triggered the tragedy. The parents and ex-spouse question and feel responsible, are in despair and tear themselves apart. So much guilt and regret ... Amber Alert is a poignant drama in which misfortune rubs tenderness and where difficult days also have bright moments.

Episode: TV-PG

Duration: 45

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 8.5

Content: TV-PG

Missing Child


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