Big Brother's Little Brother seasons:

S11 x E60
S9 x E20
S5 x E1
S4 x E42
S4 x E30
S4 x E29
S4 x E26
S4 x E24
S4 x E20
S4 x E19
S4 x E13
S4 x E10
S4 x E9
S4 x E6
S3 x E47
S3 x E44
S3 x E41
S3 x E39
S3 x E37
S3 x E35
S3 x E29
S3 x E23
S3 x E20
S3 x E11
S3 x E5
S3 x E4
S2 x E16
S1 x E1
BBLB is a spin-off from Big Brother (UK) and T4. The series is presented by George Lamb and Emma Willis and has run alongside the last 10 series of Big Brother (UK) including 6 celebrity specials and Ultimate Big Brother in 2010. Each week, the housemate evicted from the Big Brother house the previous week traditionally spends another week on Big Brother's Little Brother, answering questions and taking part in Call BBLB along with other features. The show also boasts celebrity guests and experts who come in to discuss and analyse the remaining Big Brother housemates. BBLB can currently be seen weekdays at 6:00pm on E4 and on Sunday afternoons as part of T4.


Actors: George Lamb, Emma Willis


Country: GB


Duration: 30

Quality: DVD

Release: 2001

IMDb: 2.5