Bullseye seasons:

S14 x E13
S14 x E8
S14 x E7
S14 x E6
S14 x E5
S14 x E3
S14 x E2
S14 x E1
S13 x E17
S13 x E11
S13 x E4
S12 x E22
S12 x E19
S12 x E18
S12 x E13
S12 x E12
S12 x E9
S12 x E7
S12 x E6
S11 x E23
S11 x E20
S11 x E16
S11 x E13
S11 x E12
S11 x E6
S11 x E4
S11 x E2
S10 x E22
S10 x E19
S10 x E18
S10 x E14
S10 x E13
S10 x E11
S10 x E10
S10 x E9
S10 x E8
S10 x E7
S10 x E4
S10 x E3
S10 x E1
S9 x E24
S9 x E20
S9 x E19
S9 x E14
S9 x E12
S9 x E7
S1 x E9
S1 x E8
S1 x E7
S1 x E6
S1 x E5
S1 x E4
S1 x E3
S1 x E2


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Bullseye was a popular British television programme. It was first made for the ITV network by ATV in 1981 and Central from 1982 until 1995, and hosted by Jim Bowen. The show originally aired on Monday nights in the first series, it was then moved to Sunday nights from 1982 to 1993 where it was watched by around 17 million viewers in its primetime slot. It was then moved from its traditional Sunday nights to Saturday afternoons. After an eleven-year hiatus, Bullseye was revived and a new series was recorded for the satellite channel Challenge, produced by Granada at Yorkshire Television in the Leeds Studios, and was hosted by Dave Spikey.Centred around darts, the show placed three pairs of contestants (each team with one person to answer questions and one darts player) against one another to win prizes ranging from a new car, a speedboat, a caravan, or a luxury holiday, to the consolation prizes of a set of darts, a tankard (silver goblet for lady contestants) and a 'Bendy Bully', a rubber model of the show's mascot.From Series 2 til the show's end, the show was co-hosted by professional darts commentator Tony Green.




Country: GB


Duration: 30

Quality: DVD

Release: 1981

IMDb: 10