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Eye Spy

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Will it be the diners up north or those down south who stick up for an interracial couple being picked on by an outrageously racist waiter?Will anyone take a bag stuffed full of £30k in cash, just lying there in a phone box?Do people find a banker or a builder more objectionable when they squirrel away their money from the tax man?And where will an unchained £500 bicycle be stolen: Manchester, London or Brighton?SERIES SYNOPSISStephen Fry narrates this new series which tests to see if the people of Great Britain really are 'great' and can be heroes when faced with a particularly challenging situation.Eye Spy features ingenious hidden camera stunts that throw up assorted moral dilemmas and psychological conundrums to wrestle with, challenging the notion inherent in many news stories that our 'once great nation is going to the dogs'.You may say you'd do the right thing in a highly-pressured situation, but only when you're actually in the moment can you ever really know.