Flipper seasons:

S4 x E26
S4 x E24
S4 x E18
S4 x E16
S4 x E16
S4 x E14
S4 x E12
S4 x E11
S4 x E10
S4 x E10
S4 x E10
S4 x E9
S4 x E6
S4 x E5
S4 x E4
S4 x E3
S4 x E2
S4 x E1

Flipper / Season 4

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"Flipper", also known as "The New Adventures of Flipper", is a remake of the 1964 "Flipper" television series. The 1995 version brought back Bud Ricks as a scientist doing marine research in Florida. The dolphin Flipper was one with whom Dr. Ricks was working.