Il Commissario Montalbano seasons:

S13 x E2
S13 x E1
S12 x E2
S12 x E1
S11 x E2
S11 x E1
S10 x E1
S9 x E4
S9 x E3
S9 x E2
S9 x E1
S8 x E4
S8 x E3
S8 x E2
S8 x E1
S7 x E4
S7 x E3
S7 x E2
S7 x E1
S6 x E2
S6 x E1
S5 x E2
S5 x E1
S4 x E4
S4 x E3
S4 x E2
S4 x E1
S3 x E2
S3 x E1
S2 x E2
S2 x E1
S1 x E2
S1 x E1
Inspector Salvo Montalbano is a fictional character created by Italian writer Andrea Camilleri in a series of novels and short stories.Set in the imaginary town of Vigata, the fractious detective's character and manner encapsulate much of Sicilian mythology - brooding philosophy, whip smart dialogue, rugged beauty, superb food - and astute detective work. Montalbano is played for RAI by Luca Zingaretti. The series is almost entirely shot in the Sicilian city of Ragusa, Italy, and surrounding towns.


Duration: 120

Quality: DVD

Release: 1999

IMDb: 8.8