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Plot : Detective Valeria Ferro investigates crimes motivated by jealousy, vendettas and repressed anger to seek the truth and justice.Creator: Claudio Corbucci / Stars: Miriam Leone, Matteo Martari, Thomas TrabacchiUser's review : "We have a beautiful detective with no affect, who goes off the reservation frequently but always solves the crime in the last five minutes. Yep cookie cutter stuff. It is entertaining and the plots are well drawn out with interesting characters and it does match Denmark's "The Killing" in mood and complexity. The main character needs to be drawn out more, driven and severe can only last for so long. I suspect we are inching towards a gradual unveiling. The series could also be better at broadening the other members of the crime team, because it seems like a one trick pony crew." -- ikanboy2, December 2017