Who Wants to Be a Superhero? seasons:

S2 x E8
S2 x E7
S2 x E6
S2 x E5
S2 x E4
S2 x E3
S2 x E2
S2 x E1
The SCI FI Channel and legendary comic-book creator Stan Lee present a six-episode, one-hour weekly reality series that will challenge contestants to create their very own superhero. Potential contestants have been asked to audition with their idea for a superhero, including a self-made costume. From thousands of hopefuls, Stan Lee has chosen eleven to star in the series. The chosen ones are asked to leave their former lives behind and move into a “secret lair” and begin their transformation into their superhero identity. Every week, under the watchful eye of Stan Lee, the superheroes will be asked to test their skills, discover their true nature and prove themself as a superhero. Each week Stan will decide over who will stay in the lair and who will have to go home.In the end, only one will remain, and that person will be invited to appear, as their character, in an original SCI FI Channel movie.


Actors: Stan Lee, Ivan Wilzig, Matthew Atherton

Directors: Stan Lee, Bruce Nash

Country: US


Duration: 60

Quality: DVD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 5.4